Why Choose Us?

You maximize your profits. At the end of your fundraising campaign you keep the majority of the money that was raised. Plus, there is absolutely no risk. You never pay us, we only pay you!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support communities, local merchants, and less fortunate students by providing comprehensive fundraising solutions through the use of mobile applications. We believe students are the foundation of our communities and look to ensure that each student is afforded the same opportunities. By establishing relationships with local organizations, we are able to offer an array of discounts that subscribers can access directly from their phone. A portion of the proceeds is always dedicated to helping students and those in need.

  • Community benefits by utilizing discounts
  • Local merchants attract new customers
  • Schools and charitable organizations are able to achieve their fundraising goals

Potential Sales

Participants Units Sold* Price Gross Sales ($)
10 10 $20 $2000
25 10 $20 $5000
40 20 $20 $16000
50 25 $20 $25000

* Units Sold per participant

About Us

We’re a team of young entrepreneurs who take pride in our local communities. Our hometown is something that we hold near and dear to our hearts, and we love seeing them succeed.

When you support our company, you are supporting local schools and athletic departments, local small businesses, and your local economy. While, providing great deals and savings to the people in your community. It’s a win-win-win situation.

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