It's a Win-Win-Win

When someone purchases a Mascot Booster Digital Discount Membership everyone wins. The School or Group Profits. Families Save. Local Businesses Thrive.

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It's a Win-Win-Win

When someone purchases a Mascot Booster
Digital Discount Membership everyone wins.
The School or Group Profits. Families Save.
Local Businesses Thrive.

Unique Selling Link

When you click on a unique selling link you
will be taken to a checkout page. You will see the
fundraising campaign and the seller that you
will be supporting.

Local Deals

Purchasing a Digital Discount Membership
gives you up to one year of deals at businesses
near the location of the group or school that
you are supporting.

Create an Account

If you want to support your community while
saving money, you will need to create an
account. Enter some basic information like your
name, email, and create a password.

Make a Payment

In order to make a purchase you will need to
enter your billing details into our secure
checkout process.

Secure Checkout

We use the highest technology standards and
encryption to keep your sensitive information
safe. Our checkout process is PCI compliant and
we NEVER store your credit card information.

Your Dashboard

If you want to save money by using your Digital
Discount Membership you're going to need to
sign in and go to your dashboard.

From your dashboard you can see all of the local
businesses where you have a discount. You can
even call, get directions, and view their website!

Redeem Discounts

It's easy to use your Digital Discount
Membership. All you have to do is show the
cashier your smart phone with the Redeem
Discounts animation before you checkout!

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Purchase A
Discount Plan

Create an account and checkout
through our secure server.

Sign In To
Your Dashboard

Log in to the account you just created.
Here you can find your discounts!

Redeem Discounts With
Your Mobile Device

Show the cashier your mobile
device before you pay

Fundraising Made Easy

We make fundraising for your organization simple and painless. Maximize your organization's profits by creating a Mascot Booster Campaign.

Create a Campaign

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support communities, local merchants, and less fortunate students by providing comprehensive fundraising solutions through the use of mobile applications. We believe students are the foundation of our communities and look to ensure that each student is afforded the same opportunities. By establishing relationships with local organizations, we are able to offer an array of discounts that subscribers can access directly from their phone. A portion of the proceeds is always dedicated to helping students and those in need.

  • Community benefits by utilizing discounts
  • Local merchants attract new customers
  • Schools and charitable organizations are able to achieve their fundraising goals

The Basics

  • Risk Free. The organization doesn't pay anything.
  • Free for Merchants.
  • Maximize your fundraising Profit.
  • Students (participants) don’t handle any money.
  • No plastic cards to keep track of.
  • You receive a check or direct deposit.
  • We help manage your campaign from start to finish.

Create a campaign for your organizaion. Or we can help you create one.

Send invites to the participants who will be selling Mascot Booster discount plan, these are usually student or athletes.

Sell immediately with a smart phone or a unique selling link.

Collect your profits at the end of a campaign, by check or direct deposit.

How it Works

Potential Sales

Participants Units Sold* Price Gross Sales ($)
10 10 $20 $2000
25 10 $20 $5000
40 20 $20 $16000
50 25 $20 $25000

* Units Sold per participant

Send us a message

One of our fundraising professionals would be happy to help you. Give us a call at 216.309.0615 or fill out the form below, and we will contact you within a few hours.

Payment Methods Accepted

Now accepting PayPal Credit Cards Accepted

We NEVER store your credit card information.

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